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- there are… clowns

- lmao i love lee’s ruffles

- the theme song is totally ring tone worthy, especially the pom-pom parts

- he keeps a magnet in his cigar

- have we ever discussed lee van cleef’s cheekbones? because i’ve never seen anything like them, truly spectacular

- did they all have such puffy sideburns before

- eyyy aldo canti is back

- those sideburns make lee look considerably older but oh he is beautiful

- okay WHAT is this flirting between clyde and sabata i almost thought they were gonna fuck

- speaking of gay, aldo canti and ignazio spalla are clearly playing different characters than in the first movie… why would you do this to me i want carrincha and alley cat

- the fighting scenes make me feel like i’m watching a terence hill movie but i don’t mind you all know how much i love terence hill movies

- does lee deserve to be in a better movie? a million times yes but i love how much he smiles in this one

- his cigar can shoot darts

- okay i take it back aldo canti’s new boyfriend is cute

- okay hey why are almost all the actors same as in the first one but playing different characters

- where can i get one of those cylinder phonographs and how much would i have to pay?

- lmaooo what were those pants for a moment there i thought the guy was bare-assed

- he jilted his pregnant fiancee? not cool sabata

- i still feel like clyde is coming on to sabata, that gun grab was very erotic

- wtffff NO

- wait they’re alive thank jesus you gave me a heart attack

Okay, so. Silly? Yeah. Deserving to be included in The Fifty Worst Films of All Time? Fuck no. I’d sooner watch this a dozen times than see The Shawshank Redemption ever again.

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