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If you don’t like it move lmao

Uh, no. You will move. All the way over to a smoking area. Tf you think this is?

And if non smokers move that’s when people start to complain with the whole “UHM, WE’RE NOT MONSTERS WE’RE SMOKERS UWU” arguement

like bro i vape 0% nico shit but i still dont condone passive murder, so i move my ass too, get to the damn designated smoking areas.

You chose to start smoking, you chose to light up in a public place.

I did not choose to breathe your fucking smoke.

Get the fuck out of here with your selfish horseshit.

also some of us are FUCKING ALLERGIC

People: hey smoking is extremely bad and is literally your choice but like none of us want to get cancer or die or have potential lung damage cause some of us have lung conditions so could you kindly not smoke directly into my eye lids?

Smokers: HeY! This Is a FrEE country MaN!! DoNT like IT? DonT brEaTH iT!

Smokers children: *grow up with horrible lung damage*

Smokers: how could society do this to my kids?

I like how the world has literally come to arguing over whether people should be able to breathe or not

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